'PUNKTUM' is our daily print project, where we create a new design that reflects on current events in popular culture and society. The t-shirts are printed on-demand in Budapest. These exclusive t-shirts are only available for one month and are produced in limited edition.

What is punctum? A term used by Barthes to refer to an incidental but personally poignant detail in a photograph which ‘pierces’ or ‘pricks’ a particular viewer, constituting a private meaning unrelated to any cultural code. In Hungarian, punctum means - this is the end; the matter is closed.

In my graduate collection and my master thesis I explored the connections in the circularity of my designer self and found out that I always deal with a subject because I feel helpless and anxious about it, so I want to get a deeper understanding. In the project "PUNKTUM" I write and draw these everyday micro-anxieties and feelings of helplessness out of me, so that I can finally turn them off.