VALENTIN SZARVAS graduated from MOME 's master's programme in fashion and textile design in 2023. In 2020, he founded his own fashion brand, which he has been building ever since. His collections have been featured in numerous fashion magazines, fashion shows and exhibitions. In the same year, he co-founded Terike from Budapest, an independent platform that showcases young talents. For Valentin, it is very important to develop and understand design concepts deeply, and make them the designer's theme again.



The starting point of my thesis is my introspection as a designer. By reflecting on my own experiences, I aim to gain a deeper understanding of the topic at hand, making the research self-serving. I approach this as a fashion object, and this allows me to create a representation of the topic based on the collected information and experiences. To achieve this, I employ the methodology of autoethnography. My aim is to experiment with the fashion design process by examining previous collections and current designs, and placing clothing items in a circular logic. I reflect on contemporary cyclical fashion and circular economy theories, as well as tailoring practices, drawing from the tradition of deconstruction in fashion. Through this, I develop my own design attitude, with a constant that drives the continuous cycle of change. In my thesis, I explore the phases of this process through the theories of circular and perpetual motion systems, and examine the relationship between photography and fashion to document this process.


Sustainability is not an individual concept, but a process that can be carried out forever. Continuous change is the cornerstone of the cycle. This change is to have a constant that makes this movement, that is able to overwrite some of its assumptions while seeking a way back to its first version of itself. In my master's thesis, I have conceptualised these phases of change in the system of fashion objects by defining the different phases of garments, I have developed a specific system, which is represented by the pieces of my diploma collection.


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